We are the Leader in Database Traffic Security Analytics.

Analytics for Data Security

You want any alert to your SOC to be actionable and you want to avoid Alerts fatigue when too many alerts become useless. This can be achieved by wrapping the DAM data with Contextual information and applying Data Science and Analytics to the DAM Traffic logs.



Professional services on DAM systems.

Context22 Technologies for Smart Database Security

You need to know who accessed your Data, when and what for, but you need it in an intelligent way to spot actual threats and risks. And you cannot spend time fending off false positives. They are a waste of your time and your money.

You are at the right place.

Generate Contextual Information by Data Enrichment

Analytics on Raw data is widely enhanced by providing contextual information.The contextual ​information are produced thanks to Enrichment of the Data. This is our first forte.

Treating your DB Traffic with Predictive Analytics

Database traffic is not random. It follows patterns. Recognizing those patterns allows us to make predictions and set-up sticks to compare actual traffic with. This is the power and the premise of Data Science.

We Support All Types of Input Data

We accept and process logs from Guardium(™), Imperva(™), SecuPi(™) and in the Cloud from Database Native Audit Logs, whether SQL or NoSQL databases.

Take the Headache Out of Guardium Administration

Gain tranquility with our Virtual Guardium Administrator at just a fraction of a full-time employee’s cost. It oversees your Appliances and agents, ensuring your system’s integrity with comprehensive health assessments.

Data Enrichment and Predictive Analytics are the two legs of a Database Traffic Security Program

We Use ONLY Standard Tools

We rely on ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) and Python. ELK and Kibana in particular are extremely versatile Analytics Graphic tool which allows for efficient EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)
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